Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

•Harvest Keeper, an alleged “AI-powered” project, has scammed users out of almost $1 million.
•Blockchain security platform CertiK confirmed that the project has stolen around $933,000 from its users.
•Dozens of fake accounts claiming to be related to “CryptoGPT” have also been found on Twitter.

Harvest Keeper Scam

Harvest Keeper, a project claiming to be “AI-powered” recently drained around $1 million from users. The project promised to optimize trading processes and offered a 101% return on investment within 21 days. Blockchain security platform CertiK confirmed that Harvest Keeper had stolen around $933,000 of users’ assets at the time of writing and urged people to revoke the permissions they gave the project and stop interacting with its website.

ChatGPT v4 & CryptoGPT

As ChatGPT v4 displayed capabilities in auditing smart contracts on Ethereum, speculation arose if it could potentially replace developers. However, at this point in time it is too early to tell if AI can completely replace developers due to their complex nature. Additionally, dozens of accounts claiming to be related to “CryptoGPT” have emerged on Twitter offering fake giveaways and airdrops as well.

User Advice

Users are advised not to interact with projects like Harvest Keeper or any account associated with CryptoGPT as it is likely fraudulent behavior that can lead to financial losses for those involved. People should always do their own research before investing in any type of platform or product and understand all risks associated with it before proceeding further.


Overall, AI technology has grown significantly over the past few years but still lags behind human developers when it comes to certain tasks such as predicting future market trends or writing complex code for web applications. While AI promises great potentials in many areas including finance and healthcare; caution should always be taken when dealing with new projects or products involving large sums of money as there are still many scams present today that can take advantage of unsuspecting investors who don’t do their homework properly beforehand.


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